Hidden - BBC Audiobook performed by Naoko Mori


Hidden - BBC Audiobook performed by Naoko Mori


An age-old secret is buried in the heart of the Welsh countryside. After a series of violent and seemingly unrelated deaths, the solution to a riddle seems to point the finger of blame at Captain Jack Harkness. Can the Torchwood team uncover the truth that lies hidden in time to save Jack?

Performed by Naoko Mori, who played Toshiko Sato in the original BBC Television Series.


Black Waters - appeared in the Torchwood Yearbook


Black Waters - appeared in the Torchwood Yearbook


The Hub's sensors detect over 111,000 tons of crude oil outside the Bay, and as the team investigates, the Dread -- an oil tanker that burned to nothing over a century ago -- silently drifts into port. Jack, Gwen, and Owen board the ship to investigate; it is deserted and eerily silent, and as they slowly come to realise that it's composed entirely out of oil, humanoid figures bubble out of the walls and take the faces of the Torchwood team. If it spreads any further, it could destroy all petroleum-based products on the planet, crippling and destroying Western civilisation. 


Gordian - 2 part adventure in Torchwood Magazine


Gordian - 2 part adventure in Torchwood Magazine


A dark figure walks out of a Rift storm, its shadow spreading through the streets and taking apart everything it touches -- architecture, animals, and people. Torchwood is alerted to the crisis as power losses spread across the city, and Jack, Gwen, and Ianto evacuate the Hub as darkness spreads across the plaza. Jack confronts the figure at the centre of the shadows, which identifies itself as Gordian; it is a World Eater, a swarm of nanobots designed as a weapon of war, and although it's only fallen through the Rift by accident it will still take apart the Earth within 24 hours. 


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