The stories in this fantasy collect embrace all aspects of the magical and the weird. Be it the wonder of magical realism, the darkness of the macabre, or the mythological, these stories have one thing in common: faith. They offer up tales of hope and wonder in equal measure, whilst treating sadness as a long lost friend. Nothing in his world is quite as it seems. The world you think you know isn't the world you're about to enter. Everything you think you've learned about life is about to be unlearned. These are stories of love. These are stories of loss. In some you will find redemption, in others the simple act of memory is treacherous and cannot be trusted. But in all of them there is an aching sense of loss and love. Savile's stories here speak to the part in all of us who still dares to fall in love again after a broken heart.

"Savile finds beauty in the macabre" The Guardian

"Savile packs more imagination into a short story than many writers manage in a full novel." Hellnotes

similar monsters

Similiar Monsters

When we look into the mirror we all see Similar Monsters lurking behind our shoulders. In stories that span a decade of short story writing Steve Savile takes a long hard look at his own personal demons, offering glimpses of the pain, heartbreak and redemption of the 21st Century man. Angels, miracles and salvation, childhood fears, true love and madness. Monsters that we can all relate to.

Angel Road


From the beginning of time the subject of angels has inspired mankind. In this stunning new collection of stories Steve Savile surrenders to their inspiration and invites them to lead him – and us – into the most haunting reaches of the imagination.

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Midway through the second draft of RITUAL, a brand new A psychological and apocalyptic urban thriller written with Albert 'Prodigy' Johnson, to be published Feb 01, 2015, in hardcover and paperback by Akashic Books in the USA.