In 1926, two brothers both loved Eleanor Raines, a promising young actress from the East End of London. But, along with Seth Lockwood, she disappeared, never to be seen again. Isaiah, Seth’s younger brother, refused to accept that she was just gone. 

It has been seventy years since and the brothers are long dead. But now their dark, twisted secret, threatens to tear the city apart. Seth made a bargain with Damiola, an illusionist, to make a life size version of his most famous trick, and hide away part of London to act as a prison out of sync with our time, where one year passes as one hundred. That illusion is Glass Town. And now its walls are failing.


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Akiri: The Scepter of Xarbaal

CO-WRITTEN WITH Brian D. Anderson


The Dul' Buhar are the deadliest of warriors, gifted with extraordinary skills through the dark magic of their Sorcerer King, and Akiri is the mightiest of them all. Yet even his immense talents will be tested beyond the point of breaking as everything he believes in is ripped apart by his sovereign's insatiable hunger for conquest and death.

 Akiri was born into war, his childhood shaped by battle and betrayal. He knows it is his fate to die by the sword. He is a warrior. Warriors die. It is what they do. But he will not go without a fight. In his first breathtaking adventure Akiri must outwit shape-shifting creatures bent on devouring his soul, battle spirit demons, become the first new dragon lord in a generation, and defy the will of the God of Death himself if he wants to live.

 Forged in the pits of hell by the Lord of the Underworld himself, the legendary Scepter of Xarbaal was created with the sole purpose of purging the land of mortal life. In his arrogance, the Sorcerer King believes he has the strength to wield against his enemies and end the devastating war once and for all.

Akiri is the only man he trusts to recover the mythical artifact.

Akiri has never failed his sovereign yet, but he knows that to succeed this time could usher in the death of the world...


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Akiri: dragonbane

CO-WRITTEN WITH Brian D. Anderson


The thrilling new instalment of the Akiri Saga, coming May 2017






A collaborAtion with Tom Brown

On the last night of our lives we all share the same dream. 
Some people believe your life flashes before your eyes... that final dream, an odyssy through The Kingdom of Rain is the foundation for that superstition. It's a journey in which we confront everything we have lived and haven't lived, all of the nightmares we conjured as children, all of the versions of us that never were because of roads we didn't take. 
We travel with two heroes, one old man who has lived his life to the full, one young girl who never really got to live hers to the Avenue of Yous - a crowded Victorian street where everyone wears your face... each one of them from a different day of your life where you made the choices that eventually made you you... They are the yous that never got to live because you chose something else instead of them... And you have to face them all before you die. 
Through the Abyss of Lost Memories - where you are confronted by everything that every happened in your life that you have forgotten... Like a snake pit of bitter life we put behind us... to the Silent House. This is where we lose everything that the dreamer was and ever might be returns to the pattern that makes us essentially aspects of the divine. The core of the last dream is a metaphysical journey, scaling the tower, being stripped as we climb until we are one with the elements, our dream flesh drawn from our dream bones to feed the energy of life, creation, everything and we're ready to become part of the energy of the universe. 
And so much more.
The Kingdom of Rain is a collaborative art project with the brilliant Steampunk Artist Tom Brown. Here's a glimpse of the brilliant work he's done.
london macabre small

London Macabre

Strange and frightening things are afoot in the City. The lions of Trafalgar have climbed down from the plinths surrounding Lord Nelson's column to assume the defense of the city, fulfilling an ancient prophecy, while a sinister presence, also free after centuries of imprisonment, now stalks tender prey through the gas-lit streets and meat markets of the Whitechapel District. The women this fiend targets are far different from the whores being brutally murdered by a man named Jack, for these woman may look like flower girls but they have the blood of angels running through their veins...

   Standing between these two forces are the Greyfriars, determined to face off against these infernal foes with nothing but their wits and a touch of old school magick. Success means the rescue of innocent blood and the gentle hearts through which it beats, but the price of failure is too horrible to contemplate when the devil and his minions look to claim London as their own.



Fifteen-year-old Ashley has a complicated life. There’s no doubt her overachieving parents love her, but they are wrapped up in their own worlds for so much of the time it leaves her feeling like she’s alone. Like a lot of teenagers, Ashley dreams of other worlds, but unlike a lot of teenagers her world is about to collapse as rifts to an ancient Fae Kingdom begin to open all around her. With the arrival of of a supernatural hit-squad intent on killing her, and an unexpected inheritance, Ashley’s London is about to become a magical and mysterious warzone where the prize is Ashley herself. Ashley has to find out the secrets of her own life before she is killed. Balancing ancient prophecies, schoolwork and the love of her life is difficult to say the least! 


N.D.E - Near Death Experience

Co-written with David Sakmyster

After a Near Death Experience (an 'NDE') radically transforms the life of eccentric billionaire Nicholas Sheridan, he recruits a team of other survivors to study the experience. Recreating the conditions that opened the gate to the unknown, they will discover amazing connections, common visions and dramatic abilities among people who have come back from the dead. But what they haven't bargained for is that the gate opens both ways, and something else has escaped death. Something hunting them... Something hungry.

"With NDE, Sakmyster and Savile trek across a dark line into very strange country. Equal parts smart and chilling, this is a powerful and important novel." -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of EXTINCTION MACHINE and FIRE & ASH

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the black chalice

Black Chalice

Son of a knight and aspirant to the Round Table, Alymere yearns to take his place in the world, and for a quest to prove his worth. He comes across the foul Devil’s Bible – written in one night by an insane hermit – which leads and drives him, by parts, to seek the unholy Black Chalice. On his quest he will face, and overcome, dire obstacles and cunning enemies, becoming a knight of renown; but the ultimate threat is to his very soul. Malory’s Knights of Albion: The Black Chalice is the start of an exciting new series of never-before-seen Arthurian adventures.
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Hallowed Ground

Co-written with David Niall Wilson

When a man known only as The Deacon set up camp outside Rookwood, a murder of crows took to unnatural, moonlit flight. The crows came to Rookwood; trouble soon to follow. Things were already strange in that God-forsaken town, but no one could have predicted the forces and fates about to meet in a dust-bowl clearing in the desert. A Preacher. A Demon. An Angel. A Gunslinger. 
   A bargain with the darkness was signed in blood, and broken, and as such deals usually do, it went south. Now the fate of lost lovers, faith healers, ancient Gods and the Devil himself collide in a circle of wagons tended by the damaged and deformed, the saved and the shorn. There's a power come to Rookwood, and this one-horse town is about to be transformed. Such deals are only made and broken…on Hallowed Ground.
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laughing new

Laughing Boy's Shadow

Your problem, city, is that you have no soul. Declan Shea learns the depth of this lie through a series of brutal events, as systematically, an evil as old as the city itself strips him of every last shred of hope and humanity. A road accident, a bag lady, a bird man, renegades from L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, all of these nightmares converge in one horrific moment under a dark bridge. Declan’s life can never be the same because that city, the one without a soul, has chosen him as its champion. As war rages in the dark places of Newcastle, Declan Shea must fight to survive.


last angel cover5

Secret Life of Colours / The Last Angel

Gabriel Rush snaps a photo of a beautiful hooker and is stunned when the picture is developed. On her cheek is the mysterious mark of the Trinity – a mark not visible to the naked eye, but the same mark scarring mutilated corpses all over New York City. He races to save her, but instead finds himself racing against time to save his future, the woman he loves, and – when the killer is revealed to Gabriel for what it truly is – his own sanity.

Steve's debut novel (written aged 19) and very much a case of where it all began.


steven illustration2 

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