Fantastic TV: 50 Years of Cult Fantasy and Science Fiction Television

I’m a self-confessed TV junkie. I’ve been lucky, I’ve written for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, and Stargate, meaning that I get to pretend my love for genre tv is ‘work’. In this hefty book, Fantastic TV, I geek out, getting to watch and write about my favourite tv shows of the last 50 years, from the Twilight Zone all the way through to Heroes, the reinvigorated Doctor Who, and other great shows. This isn’t meant to be an encyclopedia of every show that ever hit the airwaves, just the ones I think were important, the ones that lit a fire under this particular writer’s behind and helped make me what I am. There’s also a fascinating round robin interview with the creators of these shows, including Joe Ahearne (Apparitions, Strange, Ultraviolet), Kenny Johnson (V, The Bionic Man, Alien Nation), Steven Volk (Gothic, Ghostwatch, Afterlife), and William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run) among others.
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