A​dam is dying of ALS, his body shaking and no longer his own. But he has a young disabled son to provide for and no health care. His solution? Rob a bank, but in a way that goes unnoticed. All he has to do is get a code onto the bank’s system, and he’ll skim a few dollars from thirty thousand accounts. Easy, right?​ ​R​ichard is the bank manager, who has been quietly robbing the bank for years, taking money from rich customers to pay off poor people’s overdrafts. He thinks he’s Robin Hood, but when A​dam draws a gun and it goes off, he can’t call the police.​ ​M​ilo is a schoolteacher, who’s in deep trouble. He’s been pretending to be a high roller in a local casino, and now has a debt to pay. He’s being escorted to the bank by A​rcher, a heavy in the employ of S​aul Bonavechio, the casino owner, to make sure he pays up. M​ilo​ was just trying to impress the croupier, A​lice, but she’s got bigger problems, like avoiding having to go on the game to pay her mother’s bills.​ ​When A​dam gets to the front of the queue, he meets S​asha, who has given up on men and is about to have the worst day of her life when A​dam pulls a gun. A​rcher tries to intervene and is shot, when Adam can’t control his tremors. But R​ichard won’t call the police. A​dam can’t let anyone leave. And M​ilo is just hoping A​rcher dies…

Everyone has their own story, their own agenda, and they all want out. But what happens if they leave? Will they give A​dam up? Or will they work together?


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"This is one of those novels screaming out to be transferred to screen, the writing is excellent, the characters are dynamic, the plot strong and it just leaves you asking yourself what you would do if you found yourself in the same situation (and I don't just mean in the situation of the protagonist either...) I really can not recommend this book highly enough - but be warned, read it on a day you can just sit and read because you will not want to put it down." The Very Pink Notebook

"A brilliant, brilliant read." Grab This Book

"Steven Savile has weaved an intricate thriller that makes you wonder what you’d do in these extreme circumstances. The main action takes place over 12 hours, making this a tense and exciting read. And to top it off, there’s a killer cliff-hanger too." CultureFly

"an intriguing puzzle of thrills, emotional instability and escape planning." Always Trust in Books

" An ingenious set-up, along with a diverse cast of believable characters create a tense and memorable thriller." Morning Star







Still hunted by the government he fought for, Special Forces veteran Byron Tibor has taken refuge in the remote Appalachian town of Winter’s Rage.

But Byron’s peaceful existence is about to be shattered by the arrival of a troubled young woman on the run from a violent drug cartel.







SH Murder at Sorrows Crown cvr




It is July 1881, and a frantic mother comes to 221B Baker Street, begging Sherlock Holmes to find her son. A naval officer posted to HMS Dido, he was part of the Naval Brigade that joined the Natal Field Force to fight the Boers. But he did not return with his men, and is being denounced as a deserter.

So begins a twisting tale of assassination, diamond mines and military cover-ups. Can Holmes and Watson uncover the truth, a truth that threatens the very fabric of the British Empire?

co:written with Robert Greenberger








The brand new novel


Dogs howl in the streets, running wild. Birds fall dead from the sky. Even the sun itself is failing. As darkness descends all hell breaks loose, terrorists strike hard and fast, taking out the army base at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.

Jake Carter, formerly Special Forces, is now an NYC subway electrician who finds himself dragged into a world of conspiracy and menace by a woman he hasn't spoken to in over a decade. When Carter finds two young men spraying graffiti across the subway station walls, he realizes these marks aren't gang tags or band names, they are a message, a call to arms spelled out in a lost language. The Hidden are communicating with each other.

Carter must now answer some impossible questions: How do you fight an enemy you cannot see? 

How do you stop some of the richest and most powerful men in the world when they own the shadows? And most important of all, how do you stay alive when the world around you is dying?



You can order the free sequel short story BALHAM direct from Akashic Books simply by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and putting BALHAM as the subject.  



“In the frighteningly realistic world of Sunfail, a shift in the polar magnetic fields is wreaking havoc on civilization . . . . With fast-paced action, awesome fight scenes (one between two brilliant female assassins is particularly well done), relatable heroes, and just the right balance between intrigue and plot twists, Sunfail is a fun and exciting read with a wide appeal perfect for fans of complex series heroes like Jack Reacher and Joe Ledger, with a dash of Dan Brown sensibility.”

“Scary conspiracy thriller . . . Clever.”
Publishers Weekly

“From Akashic Books‘s Infamous imprint comes Steve Saville’s Sunfail (Nov.) which stars New York City subway electrician and former Special Forces soldier Jake Quinn as he fights a conspiracy by the world’s richest men to destroy the world.”
Library Journal

“Does fiction get much darker than the sun going out forever? Not in my book—or Savile’s either! In this atmospheric little dystopia the sun is dimming, weather is changing, and regular people are getting weirder as time goes on . . . . Savile lavishes attention on words to excellent, sense-heavy effect; New York is a ‘beaten city’ with ‘weeping bricks.’ Deliberate and creepy, this taps into genuine human traits like fear, greed, and stupidity.”
Library Journal’s Books for Dudes Column

“Steven Savile’s fear-inducing novel of apocalyptic proportions, Sunfail, will no doubt inspire the next generation of street-corner crazies wielding The End Is Nigh signs. Prepare yourself for a wild ride. Next stop, the end of the world.”
—Jeremy Robinson, author of Island 731 and Uprising

“Darkly foreboding and all too plausible, Savile’s writing explodes off the page like a shark hunting through deep water; by the time you can see it clearly, it is far too late to get away.”
—Joseph Nassise, New York Times best selling author of The Heretic

“Savile’s storytelling is riveting. He keeps to the plot, sparing readers the insipid backstories that often weigh down global thrillers.”
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Sunfail is the most entertaining novel I’ve read in the last twelve months . . . by a mile. Beautifully written, well paced, but above all just a cracking story. A book you can get lost in. Sunfail delivers on every single page.”
—Sean Black, author of the Ryan Lock series

“Savile has forged a world of shadow conspiracies that are all too real. Packed with hold-your-breath writing that pushes the characters into one tense cut-the-blue-wire scene after another, Savile lands raw punches that connect explosively. This is thriller writing at its grittiest, and finest.”
—Nick Cole, author of Soda Pop Soldier







Published by Severn House on October 31st 2018

When a newly-appointed Catholic bishop disappears shortly after receiving a macabre gift in the post – a severed human tongue – the Vatican calls in Peter Ash of the European Crime Division to help. Enclosed with the package was a bizarre note: Memini Bonn. I remember Bonn. 


At the same time, Ash’s Swedish counterpart Frankie Varg is investigating the murder of a prominent politician. When it transpires that the two cases are linked, the pair team up to become enmeshed in a baffling investigation where nothing is as it first appears. What exactly is the significance of Bonn? And who is so determined to unleash those carefully buried memories . . .?


Praise for Memory Man:


"...difficult to take. All the while, it's impossible to turn away from." Booklist







hnic small


co-Written with albert 'prodigy' johnson

Pappy tries to break out of the game before the head of his crew, Black, gets them all killed. Against his better judgement Pappy agrees to do one last job, but only because it's the price of his freedom. He knows his "brother" Black would rather see him dead than let him walk away. Yet he still agrees to do the job because Black isn't the only one who can't be trusted.
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